FAQ Questions and doubts

FAQ Questions and doubts

There are often doubts about the use of nail products.

Q: Do they contain Nickel?

A: In the formulations of our Products, Nickel is not Contemplated, this in the utmost respect for the health of our customers to whom we always offer only safe and high quality products!

In any case, our Products, during production and transport, come into contact with stainless steel, which due to its conformation contains micro parts of nickel, which could be released before the product is transferred into the final containers.

We are clearly talking about particles and very small quantities, called "traces", which are not problematic.

This we can say with certainty as we have never received any complaints from our customers in this regard.

However, to absolutely exclude any allergic reaction that could occur even in the presence of traces of the allergenic element, we recommend applying the gel on only one nail (possibly the little finger) and observing any redness of the skin around the nail over a few days. This would remove any doubts about the subsequent applications of the products.

Q: Are PRIMERS preparers used together?

A: No. The two products are to be used separately according to the type of nails your customers have. No type of "super glue" can create the combination of the two products.

Q: Can PIN-UP COLOR also be used on gel and acrylic?

A: Of course! They are perfect colors for any type of processing. Although semi-permanent, they are elastic and opaque and work well on all polymers.

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