UV-LED Builder Gel, Milky Pink

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UV-LED builder gel


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Builder gel elastic and resistant at the same time.

Its milky color characteristic allows you to style very " natural " nails and at the same time, combined with the Milky White gel, you can create the Babyboomer effect.

triphasic gel.

How to use:

- Natural nail preparation

1st STEP No-Myco

2nd STEP Dry Prep

3nd STEP Soft Primer for normal nails without non-specific problems, or Power Primer with methacrylic acid for oily or problematic nails.

Air dry each product for 30" between steps.

- Spread a layer of base gel including:

1 Soft Base, is a classic acid-free base with the addition of keratin. Ideal for normal or thin and damaged nails. This base can be combined with the Strong Base gel;

2 Power Base, is a base with methacrylic acid, for difficult or oily nails. This base can be combined with the Strong Base gel;

3 Strong Base, is a classic base with glass fibers to strengthen thin or damaged nails. It can be used as a single base or in combination with the Soft Base or Power Base. In this case it is recommended to use it as a "second" pass after the Soft or Power bases.

They cure in 60".

- Nail reconstruction:

Spread a small amount of gel, pulling the product well to create the dispersion layer and then proceed with a more generous amount to create the elongation or coverage of the nail. Model.

Polymerize 60".

This gel, thanks to its color, can be used on its own without necessarily having to proceed with a color.

- Color:

Choose your favorite PIN-UP color and spread out.

Polymerize 30".

Repeat color application (optional).

- Finish with the application of the top gel:

- Glamor Tacky Top with dispersion (cure 30", wait 60" without touching the gel, remove the dispersion with Burlesque Shine Cleaner )

- Glamor No-Wipe Top without dispersion (cure 60", wait 60" without touching the gel)

- Glamor Matt Top matt effect (cure 60", wait 60" without touching the gel)

Please Note: We recommend that you use all of our products, in the sequence indicated above, for the best result.

The lamp to use can be our UV-LED lamp or any of its kind. It is recommended that it be 48 watts minimum.

For classic UV lamps, the times are to be considered doubled.


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